Green Technologies

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Due to all the hectic traveling and moving around that I have done within the past month, I did not get the chance to read the latest XRDS issue. Despite the fact that I am a bit late relative to the issue’s release time, there has been no new issues out yet. Technically, I’m not late! This issue was particularly of great interest…

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Learning advanced Prolog

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I recently came back from a trip to the Mediterranean, which meant that I had no access to technology for almost a week. Although I wasn’t able to get any work done on anything related to Computer Science, I did read a few books. I finished Vonnegut’s Bluebeard and I just started Kafka’s The Trial.

Yesterday I began…

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Multithreaded Parallelism: Languages and Compilers

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In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I’ll begin teaching myself more about Parallelism. I began with Multi-threaded Parallelism, I’m currently on the first two lectures. A lot of the lessons extensively cover material I am vaguely familiar with, which is exactly what one would expect from a graduate level course.

It was interesting learning about the various…

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I’m currently extremely busy moving around. I will also be traveling to Egypt later this week. I’ll start posting regularly again once I’m settled in Egypt.

The power of Generators

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It’s great to be done with finals! I’m particularly excited that I made all A’s again. I’m especially excited that I now have more time to work on my Research/Honors Thesis. So on this related note, this post is mainly aimed towards the research I’m involved in.

A significant portion of the Programming Language that is being developed in my research involves the…

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Oh Geez, I’m already abandoning this blog! My excuse is, finals are this week. I think I wrote about 20 essays in a span 6 weeks for my two philosophy courses (Philosophy is my second major). On the bright side, I’m done with my Prospectus for my Computer Science Honors Thesis. Huzzah! I shall update more frequently after my finals, that is.. if I don’t…

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Summer goals

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I’m currently finishing up the courses for the 6 week summer term at FSU. Afterwards I’m off to Egypt!  After my summer term ends in 2 weeks, I made a few plans to really accelerate my research, and to learn more about Parallel Systems throughout the summer and my stay in Egypt. After doing some research, I decided the best place to acquire some knowledge…

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First Entry!

Posted on by Heidy

A blog? Well this is something that I haven’t done since my angst teen years. I have decided to essentially create a blog to track my academic progress in Computer Science, specifically in Programming Languages and Parallel Computing. This isn’t going to necessarily be a blog pertaining to my personal academic research, it will also encapsulate any topics and papers that I find to be…

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