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Due to all the hectic traveling and moving around that I have done within the past month, I did not get the chance to read the latest XRDS issue. Despite the fact that I am a bit late relative to the issue’s release time, there has been no new issues out yet. Technically, I’m not late! This issue was particularly of great interest to me because I’m an advocate of an Eco-friendly political, social, and technological reform. I find it absolutely sickening that we treat our environment in such adverse and destructive ways, but that’s a different rant all together.

I’ve always been curious about how Google and other companies run their data centers. More importantly, I’ve always wondered how sustainable these data centers are! Lo and behold, the  “Sustainable Data Centers” article cured my curiosity pertaining to these topics. I’m not one to reiterate magazine articles, so here is a link to it. All the sustainable methodologies described were great and all, but I did get a bit concerned with one excerpt in the article. The author(s) wrote

“Our new site in Finland will use sea water running through a heat exchanger for cooling, meaning no cooling towers at all and very little, if any, potable water use.”

Knowing that the fish population in all oceans and seas have been rapidly declining, this statement was a bit alerting. I’m curious to know how the sea life of said sea water is impacted.  I did just send the staff of XRDS an e-mail pertaining to this, and hopefully someone has an answer!

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