Summer goals

Posted on by Heidy

I’m currently finishing up the courses for the 6 week summer term at FSU. Afterwards I’m off to Egypt!  After my summer term ends in 2 weeks, I made a few plans to really accelerate my research, and to learn more about Parallel Systems throughout the summer and my stay in Egypt. After doing some research, I decided the best place to acquire some knowledge that is not beyond me is through the MIT OpenCourse. I researched the classes that are offered, and there are three that I’m particularly interested in:

Applied Parallel Computing

Multithreaded Parallelism

Theory of Parallel Systems

The first course is an undergraduate course, and the latter are graduate courses. I will most likely start with “Multithreaded Parallelism”, then go on to “Applied Parallel Computing”. If I have time, I will definitely give “Theory of Parallel Systems” a try. My university doesn’t necessarily offer courses like these to undergraduates, so I feel like this is a good place to further the cultivation of my understanding in Parallel Computing. I’ll most likely post about any facts that I find to be fascinating.

In other news, I finished my prospectus. I also have to perfect my Arabic reading and writing while in Egypt. Hooray!


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