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A blog? Well this is something that I haven’t done since my angst teen years. I have decided to essentially create a blog to track my academic progress in Computer Science, specifically in Programming Languages and Parallel Computing. This isn’t going to necessarily be a blog pertaining to my personal academic research, it will also encapsulate any topics and papers that I find to be particularly interesting in the Computer Science field. On occasion, I will post updates pertaining to my personal research when appropriate. To find out more about me, you can visit

Onto the first topic! If it isn’t evident from my bio, I’m absolutely fascinated by Parallel Programming. I’m constantly seeking languages with parallel implementations in order to enrich my knowledge pertaining to that field. Yesterday, I was curious to see if Wolfram Research, whom I absolutely admire, have developed anything pertaining to Parallel Computing. And lo and behold, Mathematica 7 has built in parallel computing. Fascinating. I myself am not familiar with Mathematica all too well, but this gives me an incentive to explore this language. The fact that it is also a Functional programming language is a plus. I’m particularly interested in “ParallelTry” and the “Parallelize” function, as speculative programming and implicit/explicit parallelization are both involved in my honors thesis project. After my summer term ends, I plan on dabbling a bit with Mathematica knowing that it supports so many varying programming language paradigms.

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