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This blog has not been updated for awhile, all due to very legitimate reasons as well! I find it amusing that I wrote my last post before attending POPL. Perhaps my academic life could be divided into a pre-POPL era, and a post-POPL era. To sum in up in the fastest way possible, I attended POPL, met the most wonderful group of people, had a research interest crisis, followed by an epiphany, received various fantastic offers for summer internships, chose to go to Microsoft Research Cambridge, had an absolutely fantastic internship working on temporal property verification with Byron Cook. And here I am.

Well, what of the implications and consequences of this series of events? I’ll spare you the gory details of how this has had an affect on my personal life, but it is necessary to mention how this will affect my future blog posts. First and foremost, if it wasn’t blatantly obvious, my research interests have changed… significantly. I have shifted into the realms of Formal Verification, Model Checking, and the like. In the next four months, I will essentially transcribe (through this blog), my journey towards understanding the fundamental research foundations of these wonderful fields. Byron has already sent me an e-mail with a grand list of links, in order to guide me on where to start. Thus, I’ll begin with those.

I shall begin next week!

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