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Happy New Year! Although I would have really liked for this to be a research post, it is unfortunately not. I spent my 2 week break mostly catching up on sleep I lost during the entire semester. An abundance of sleep was had, to say the least. I did get all A’s this semester, so I find my absolute lethargy to be justified. Anyhow, I will have time this semester to post more research-oriented posts!

To start off the new year with some good news, I received the CRA-W/CDC/SIGPLAN Mentoring Workshop at POPL Scholarship for POPL 2012! For those who are unfamiliar with PLMW :


I am quite excited to attend PLMW and POPL, and I went ahead and decided to stay the extra day to attend Tutorialfest:


The tutorial I’m looking forward to the most is by Juliusz Chroboczek from the Universite de Paris-Diderot, titled “Serialising a concurrent program using continuation-passing style“. If you have not been able to determine by my previous posts, I am extremely interested in any topic pertaining to CPS! I hope that this conference will be as fun as Grace Hopper Celebration, which was an absolutely astounding experience. I will be posting a few pictures I took from GHC quite soon. I will also write a full update pertaining to POPL 2012 once it is over (January 23rd – January 28th). Till then!

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