Why I did not attend GHC ’13 : How women in computing communities promote the status-quo

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In the past few months, I’ve personally received both positive and constructive feedback pertaining my previous post on Feminism in Computer Science. This was quite refreshing, given my ever-so-lingering fear of retaliation to be instigated when discussing the “F” word. Alas, after a few busy months, I’ve again mustered up the courage to discuss an even more fragile topic: the conflicting nature of women in…

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Feminism and the Gender Disparity in Computer Science

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To those who follow me on any form of social media, I am first a Computer Scientist and second everything else. Despite how inaccurate that perspective is, it is only fair given that I exclusively present myself as such. However, I am just as much of a Feminist and philosophy enthusiast as I am a Computer Scientist. It is quite easy to fault in only…

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POPL + PLMW Update

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Truly, I am guilty of abandoning this blog. I graduated in December 2012, and that was quite stressful. A few people approached me and mentioned that I should update my blog! Fortunately, after attending POPL 2013, I was quite inspired to start blogging again. I will update my blog every other Sunday, at the very least, as that is the only day where I do…

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This blog has not been updated for awhile, all due to very legitimate reasons as well! I find it amusing that I wrote my last post before attending POPL. Perhaps my academic life could be divided into a pre-POPL era, and a post-POPL era. To sum in up in the fastest way possible, I attended POPL, met the most wonderful group of people, had a…

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Happy New Year! Although I would have really liked for this to be a research post, it is unfortunately not. I spent my 2 week break mostly catching up on sleep I lost during the entire semester. An abundance of sleep was had, to say the least. I did get all A’s this semester, so I find my absolute lethargy to be justified. Anyhow, I…

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It’s quite clear that I’ve become too busy this semester to post anything meaningful. I will most likely be posting a somewhat proper entry on November 1st. A quick update, I’m going to Portland, Oregon on November 9th to attend Grace Hopper! This is officially my first Computer Science conference. I am quite excited. Now back to grading exams…

More on SSA

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Well, this is quite a delayed blog post. The first month of school was extremely hectic, more so than I thought it would be. Who knew that juggling five 4000-level CS courses, a TA position, and research would be this tough? Anyhow, for my Honors Thesis, I often tend to write summaries for the papers that I read. Here are two summaries with some commentary…

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So it seems as if I’m doing a bit better, I’m pretty glad that this cold is rather minor. This is possibly the last post that I’ll be writing until I return to Tallahassee. Seeing that I’ll be landing in Jacksonville first, I have to rest, repack all my things, and then drive to Tallahassee before settling down and writing any future posts. I finished…

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A quick update

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I’ve been sick for the past two days, which would explain my lack of posts. Hopefully I’ll get better soon. I’m also pretty excited that I’ll be back in the states in 10 days!


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My god! Two blog posts within the same week ? What has this world come to !? Or I’m just getting used to blogging…  After taking my sweet time adjusting to a temporary relocation in Egypt, my stagnant research progress is belatedly coming to an end. So here I am, leisurely sipping on my green tea, listening to Liszt’s tantalizing classical pieces, and reading numerous…

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